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Dustin Johnson

Trend: US Open Golf Picks, June 15

I try my absolute best to be a smart bettor, only bet the big events, and bet what I know. Of course, this rarely ever happens and I am a colossal idiot for not following this pattern, but this is my life so butt the fuck out. But one thing…

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Nikola Jokic Denver Nuggets Vs Phoenix Suns

Trend: Points in the NBA Playoffs, May 27

Sheeeesh the NBA Playoffs are back and they are so, so good. I’ve yet to watch a game where I have not been entertained. Maybe the only thing not so entertaining is watching Lebron complain after truly every single play that the call didn’t go his way. Honestly, if I’m…

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Damian Lillard - Portland Trail Blazers

The Trend: NBA Series Prices, May 20th

Now that the play-in games are coming to an end, and I really am unsure as to how I feel about them, we can buckle down for the always quick and satisfying NBA playoffs that should be over in like three-and-a-half months or something like that. To be honest, there…

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